Kofax SafeCom 

乐虎体育官网In a distributed environment, organizations need to simplify document workflows and reduce print operations costs, while mitigating security and compliance risks. With more employees requiring mobile printing capabilities, and the increasing costs and vulnerability of printed documents, businesses like yours require secure and flexible print management.

乐虎体育官网Kofax SafeCom streamlines the print management process, reducing costs and enabling you to safely control printing operations through a consolidated solution. With Kofax SafeCom, your distributed workforce will print more efficiently, and you’ll have confidence in the secure management of sensitive data throughout your workflow.


Conserve budget by taking control of print operations and reducing waste


乐虎体育官网Create a secure print server to manage sensitive data


乐虎体育官网Adapt to your print environment – whether a small business or enterprise


Implement printing rules that adhere to your organization’s print policies

Keep Documents Safe Throughout the Print Lifecycle

Your distributed business needs a streamlined and secure print management process to keep your documents safe throughout your workflow. Kofax SafeCom creates a secure and consolidated print environment so your employees can print safely anytime, anywhere and at any printer:


75% of all cyber-security incidents are caused by inadvertent employee actions—including leaving private, printed documents unattended


15% increase over the past year in security vulnerabilities with connected devices, including printers, laptops and smartphones


With more than 75 billion devices expected to be connected to the Internet worldwide  by 2025, we need to find better ways of protecting the information that flows throughout our organizations

We know documents are your business.

乐虎体育官网Ensuring those documents are printed securely is ours.

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Secure your Print Lifecycle so you can Work Like Tomorrow

乐虎体育官网The print management capabilities of Kofax SafeCom empower your organization to work today like the workforce of tomorrow. Mobile workers can print securely and more efficiently with:


乐虎体育官网Protect against misuse and unauthorized use of company MFPs and printers by requiring users to authenticate themselves when they log in at the device.

Secure pull print

乐虎体育官网Send your documents to the SafeCom printer server, and securely pick up your documents from any device at any time.

Document encryption

乐虎体育官网Protect your documents and data from being intercepted over the network while traveling.

Tracking, reporting and analysis

Gain a clear overview of your company’s print, copy, scan, fax and email activities, usage behavior and costs.

Mobile print

乐虎体育官网Empower users to easily submit jobs through the mobile app, email submission and web submission.

High flexibility

Realize a high degree of flexibility, with support for 10 different MFP platforms.

Simple deployment

Enjoy the benefits of an enterprise-ready solution that offers the convenience and ease of deployment of a small business solution.

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