Kofax Copitrak 

乐虎体育官网Document creation, collaboration and publication are the lifeblood of any legal practice. Increasing technological change and opportunity mean that security, productivity, cost of ownership and protecting profitability are more important than ever. In a world where confidentiality and transparency both matter, firms require a seamless, secure and integrated print management solution.

Kofax Copitrak enables firms to capture, organize, publish and distribute both paper and PDF documents with a single, integrated solution—ensuring data confidentiality, reducing overhead and tracking document management costs. With Kofax Copitrak, your organization will work more efficiently with greater accessibility and cost visibility, while mitigating any risks to sensitive data.


乐虎体育官网Achieve a lower cost of ownership with a single, integrated platform


Automate the document lifecycle, and break down workflow bottlenecks


乐虎体育官网Provide critical insights into expenses, profitability and cost recovery


Streamline document capture, digital routing and print management


Protect your data, and ensure compliance with security controls

Protect Your Documents and Your Costs

Technology is critical to the legal industry. Firms struggle to strike the right balance between empowering employees and ensuring expenses are accurately tracked. IT managers grapple with the complexity of managing disparate systems securely with an increasingly distributed workforce.

乐虎体育官网Kofax Copitrak creates a secure and confidential environment, while also automating the document lifecycle to improve operational efficiency:


of law firms don’t have a data loss prevention program in place


of law firms rate security and risk management as their top technology issue


of law firms say balancing security with mobility will be a priority over the next decade

We know documents are your business

Ensuring they stay confidential and under your control is ours.

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Deliver the Accessibility You Demand so You Can Work Like Tomorrow

The integrated capabilities of Kofax Copitrak empower your organization to work today like the digitally enabled business of tomorrow. Empower your employees to control their workflows and automate the document lifecycle through:

Cost recovery & print management

乐虎体育官网Track billable expenses by matter, including printing, scanning, copying and digital document workflows, to proactively manage hardcopy output costs.

Increased flexibility

乐虎体育官网Ensure information flows freely throughout your organization. Kofax Copitrak seamlessly and securely integrates with your existing business and workflow management systems.

Information availability

乐虎体育官网Search for documents using OCR technology to track, control, and find documents easily, securely and more efficiently.

Security controls

乐虎体育官网Kofax Copitrak also provides an audit trail for documentation and additional security controls that ensure confidentiality.

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