In organizations that work like tomorrow, analytics are the foundation for knowledge work and informed decision-making. Employees are empowered with timely insights that enable a truly transformative approach to solving business problems and enabling high-value conversations with customers.

乐虎体育官网When deployed as part of an Intelligent Automation platform―which includes RPA and other "smart" capabilities such as cognitive capture, process orchestration, mobility and engagement―analytic insights enable organizations to achieve an even deeper understanding of their end-to-end operational performance and compliance. This can drive new opportunities for process efficiency improvement and enterprise deployment at a substantially lower cost.

Advanced Analytics

Increase visibility, gain deep operational insights, reduce risk/non-compliance, and eliminate operational inefficiencies.

Kofax Insight

乐虎体育官网Achieve operational excellence with true process intelligence and powerful business analytics that deliver end-to-end process visibility.

Kofax Monitor

乐虎体育官网Monitor, assess and manage the day-to-day operational health of your entire Kofax software suite in real time.

Process Intelligence

乐虎体育官网Kofax process intelligence and business analytics software offers insight into your business process performance to help you achieve operational excellence.

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