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Essential Tools to Improve Workflow Management

This paper serves as an introduction to the powerful tools, such as Power PDF, Kofax has developed to address challenges related to document management workflows. 乐虎体育官网


How Kofax Power PDF Can Help Your Business

PDFs present information in nearly every industry, and document conversion and manipulation is an essential function for numerous steps of your workflow.


Taking Advantage of Trends in Business Process Management

Every business needs to balance two things: productivity and record-keeping. Kofax advanced digital imaging solutions, such as Kofax OmniPage, PaperPort and Power PDF, address key pain points related to document management, including document scanning/tagging, digital file organization, and accessibility and collaboration.


Preparing for the Future of Work with Intelligent Automation: Using Advanced Digital Imaging to Work Like Tomorrow

Businesses often must use document recording, organizing and processing systems that rely too much on manual effort.


White Paper: Securing the Digital Workforce

The topic of securing the digital workforce is more relevant than ever. Identities used by automation to access sensitive systems and applications must be managed in a like manner to people. 乐虎体育官网


Guiding Principles on the Journey to Intelligent Automation

Discover how Kofax and Cognizant have teamed up to offer a proven intelligent automation framework and standards for a successful digital transformation. 乐虎体育官网


White Paper: Migrating business users to an Alternative PDF Solution

Convincing employees to start using a new software tool – even one that will make them more productive - is a tall order. The interface looks different. There are new features to learn. But with Kofax Power PDF, making the switch is easier than you think.


White Paper: Reduce IT Infrastructure Costs with the Right PDF Solution

How to Choose the Right PDF Solution to improve worker productivity and reduce IT infrastructure costs


Extend Intelligent Automation with AI to Create More Frictionless Customer Experiences

This white paper illustrates how the combination of Cognigy Conversational AI and Kofax Intelligent Automation empowers organizations to deliver faster, more personalized and engaging service to customers.


White Paper: Find Hidden Budget Dollars with PDF Software

Learn how Kofax Power PDF Advanced improves productivity, reduces risks and makes clients happier 乐虎体育官网

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