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Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform Release: Ignite Enterprise Automation Initiatives at Scale

Watch this webinar for an exclusive look at Kofax’s newest release of our Enterprise Intelligent Automation Platform, with expanded capabilities designed to provide a holistic approach to transforming knowledge-based processes.


Webinar Recording: RPA for Logistics: Achieving Digital Transformation Through AI

Robotic process automation (RPA) and AI technologies promise to help logistics players modernize these systems quickly and non-invasively and enable new digital initiatives to be seamlessly integrated into core operations, but implementing them successfully requires careful thought and planning. 乐虎体育官网


Planning Your Hyperautomation Journey with RPA and Artificial Intelligence

Discover a modern path to achieving operational excellence, driving efficiency and boosting employee productivity. 乐虎体育官网


Kofax Supports Your LIBOR Transition

Be better prepared to drive your LIBOR transition. During this webinar, Kofax helps you define a strategy and solution to serve your customers, mitigate some of the risks, and relieve some of the pressure.


Improve your CX and compliance with a mobile banking strategy

Banks with a successful digital strategy are able to increase profitability, drive operational efficiency, and offer a competitive customer experience. 乐虎体育官网


Kofax OmniPage CSDK for Windows Webinar

Check out the core OCR engine enhancements and other features in Kofax’s SDK that’ll make your life as a developer even easier. Watch this webinar see how OmniPage Capture CSDK technology enables your organization to stay ahead of the competition.


Kofax Healthcare 乐虎体育官网 for Epic Users

Webinar discussing how healthcare organizations are challenged every day to acquire and consolidate information — from a variety of sources and formats — to create a complete picture of a patient’s health needs. And they need to do this efficiently, securely and in a cost effective manner.


Breaking Through the Digital Ceiling: A showcase for women driving change in Intelligent Automation

During this webinar, our Women in Intelligent Automation panel of speakers explore how these brilliant women are pushing the envelope and advancing their roles in intelligent automation. You’ll hear about their challenges and strategies to overcome them, and gain actionable insights into how they’re advancing their roles in intelligent automation. Get tips and advice to help you in your digital transformation journey with intelligent automation. 乐虎体育官网


The Promise of Intelligent Automation: Why a Holistic, Integrated Approach is the Future of Work

View this webinar to discover how an intelligent automation platform extends the power of individual technology solutions such as RPA, cognitive capture, analytics and more. You'll also learn about the use cases where Kofax Intelligent Automation delivers real-world ROI and where the greatest benefit potential lies, including improved profit margins, reduced manual work and errors, a more engaged workforce and customer base, and efficiencies that ripple throughout the organization.


Achieving a Step Change in Customer Engagement

Preparing for the Era of Intelligent Automation 乐虎体育官网

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